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Real Vampires Have Curves Fans
This LJ group is for fans of the Real Vampires Have Curves book series written by Gerry Bartlett. The series is an intoxicatingly fun mix of chick-lit, vampire satire and supernatural romance. Its star is a blonde, plus-sized vamp named Gloriana St. Clair, known to her friends as Glory.

This group is for discussions, fanfic and art inspired by the series, and anything else that comes to mind. Anything goes! Just click the join button above and start posting. (Just remember to play nice, or I'll sic Valdez on you.)

Your friendly neighborhood founder, maintainer and moderator is gnosticdiva.
Who's Glory St. Clair?
Glory is a fairly typical modern gal with a love for fashion and fretting over her body flaws. The difference between us and her is that she drinks synthetic blood and doesn't show up in mirrors. And she has the hottest ex-boyfriend ever: a Scottish Highlander named Angus Jeremiah Campbell III, aka Jeremy Blade.

She and Jerry met when she was playing bit parts in Billy Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to pay her rent, after her actor husband died. Jerry was so taken by her, he made her immortal on his birthday -- New Year's Eve. In the 400 years since, the two vamp lovers have been off and on, but the attraction has never really waned. Glory wants her freedom and, as much as she still loves Blade, she resents his possessiveness and "me Scottish Highlander, you little woman" act.

In spite of this, Blade has provided her with a unique guard dog: a Labradoodle named Valdez, who's really an uber-hot Latino shapeshifter in disguise named Rafael. In doggie mode, he communicates to her telepathically, with a voice that sounds like John Travolta in Get Shorty. But he's loyal and loves her in his own way, having taken many arrow bolts that were meant for her over the years, and she has come to enjoy his companionship.

Let's not even get into her brief will-they-won't-they relationship with newbie-vamp rocker Israel Caine...

With a normal, plus-sized girl with fangs as the protagonist and having so many hot guys wanting her, it's easy to see why the books enjoy popularity. But, no matter who you are, it's a great series for those who love vampires and some good, healthy belly laughs.
Where can I find the books?
There's five books out so far, released in trade paperback and ebook formats. Your cheapest bet is nabbing them either at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Book 1: Real Vampires Have Curves
Order at Amazon | Order at B&N

Book 2: Real Vampires Live Large
Order at Amazon | Order at B&N

Book 3: Real Vampires Get Lucky
Order at Amazon | Order at B&N

Book 4: Real Vampires Don't Diet
Order at Amazon | Order at B&N

Book 5: Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs
Order at Amazon | Order at B&N

Book 6, titled Real Vampires Have More To Love will be released in December 2010. Mark your calenders!
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